Joan Namkoong has been weaving for over 20 years mostly with silk, cotton and linen. She weaves items like shawls, scarves, dishtowels, baby blankets, rugs and other functional items and likes to explore the creation of textures through weave structure and color. She is a longstanding member of the Hawaii Handweavers’ Hui.


Victoria Sander’s love of spinning is an offshoot of hand weaving, which she has been doing since 2001. Her start in spinning involved planting some cotton in her own yard! Now, she has two spinning wheels and a wonderful collection of supported hand spindles and drop spindles from all over the world. She has an extensive knowledge of fiber and an ongoing curiosity for combining these fibers and colors. Victoria loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for spinning with all spinners, but especially with beginners.


Suzanne Louise got introduced to knitting in a small yarn shop in Mendocino, CA by walking in and asking, “If I buy yarn, would you teach me to knit?” That was over 30 years ago and she hasn’t stopped knitting since. Suzanne believes knitting should be fun and has a great love of bright colors as well as an interest in many types of projects whether they be wraps, sweaters, socks or scarfs. This knitting passion recently led her on a knitting cruise to Asia from which she has many stories to share.


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